My aim is to finance my new CD with the name "Fuji Disco" with crowdfunding and your help!
I'm using the platform Startnext, because it's easy for artists and supporters.

Your help?

Please click on the link www.startnext.de/fuji-disco and sign in as a new user, if you didn't have an account already.
Click on the grey button "Register" and in the next form on the blue "Facebook"-Button. Next you will see a security message from Facebook. Please answer it!
Now you are registered in Startnext and you can select a thank you or enter an amount on my Startnext page ("Fuji Disco - Die neue CD von Lena Dobler") below "Support this project". Available options are on delivery, direct debit or credit card. If you don't want to pay money, feel free to "become a fan".
That's it! You will find more information and a little video at Startnext.
If I collect 1000 Euro until August, 31st, than I will receive the money for this project, otherwise all the money will be returned to the supporters.

Thank you!

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